Interested in a guided hike?

We want to show you everything the pacific northwest has to offer.

We would be thrilled to lead your adventure! 

First, we will call to learn more about you, when you want to hike, your experience/fitness level, and some of the types of things you're hoping to see (example: waterfalls).  We will create an itinerary based off of your specifics, which we will send to you to approve or re-design.

On the day of the hike, we will take care of all of the logistics.  We will pick you up and drop you off, provide packs and food, and teach you all about the geology, flora, and fauna in the area. 

Full day hikes are $200 for the first hiker, additional hikers are $120 per person.  There is a four hiker limit on each hike,  (A one hiker deposit  is due at time of booking with the balance due on the hike date).

If you would like to learn more,  please provide your contact information.

silhouette of trees near body of water during sunset

 if you are ready to hike, please provide your contact information and reserve your hike

Here are some of our favorite trails!

For a family adventure: 

1. Franklin Falls - 1 hour drive from Seattle, Snoqualmie, 2.0 miles, 400 elevation gain, highlight: gushing waterfall! 

2. Lake 22 - 1.25 hour drive from Seattle, North Cascades, 5.4 miles, 1350 elevation gain, highlight: beautiful alpine lake and old growth cedar!

Spring hike: Lake Serene - 1.5 hour drive from Seattle, Central Cascades, 8.2 miles, 2000 elevation gain, highlight: take a mini side trip to see Bridal Veil Falls (waterfall, 0.5 miles from trail). 

Summer hike: Oh, there are so many we could list!  We would be happy to provide additional recommendations, but here are a few of our favorites for the summer:

1. Gothic Basin, 1.5 hour drive from Seattle, North Cascades, 9.2 miles, 2840 elevation gain, highlight: Foggy Lake for a well-deserved rest, and maybe even a glacial dip. (Full-day hike)

2. Crystal Lakes, 2 hour drive from Seattle, Mount Rainier, 6 miles, 2600 elevation gain, highlight: after taking a break at the lake, you can keep going up to catch part of the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) and views of Crystal Lake, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams and Mt. St. Helens.

3. Hidden Lake Lookout, 2.5 hour drive from Seattle, North Cascades, 8 miles, 3300 elevation gain, highlight: enjoy your lunch in the lookout!  If you get lucky and the lookout is empty, you can sleep in it!

Fall hike: Lake Ingalls - 2.5 hour drive from Seattle, Snoqualmie, 9 miles, 2500 elevation gain, highlight: larches in the fall! 

Winter hike: "hike" the largest park in Seattle, Discovery Park, which has bluffs overlooking Puget Sound and has several fun trails.  Highlight: learn about the geology of the area, did you know that the park was once a glacier!?

body of water near mountains during daytime
lake serene
aerial photo of body of water beside rocky mountain
Gothic Basin
Crystal lakes
hidden lake lookout
lake ingalls
white and brown house beside body of water
discovery park
watefalls between rocks
Franklin falls
snow covered mountain during daytime

Washington Trails Association is a great resource for additional hikes.